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The Lighter Side of Funny



Fun is like life insurance; the older you get, the more it costs.
- Kin Hubbard
Funny, how moms can tell you what to do no matter how old or big you are.  
- Gabrielle Reece  
Let's have some new cliches.
- Samuel Goldwyn
All men are equal before fish.  
- Herbert Hoover  
I improve on misquotation.
-  Cary Grant
Diplomacy: lying in state.  
-  Oliver Herford  
Doubt is the father of invention.
-  Galileo
He'd make a lovely corpse.  
-  Charles Dickens  
Macho does not prove mucho
-  Zsa Zsa Gabor
Nothing recedes like success.  
-  Walter Winchell  
To err is human, but it feels divine.
-  Mae West
Deep down, I'm pretty superficial.  
-  Ava Gardner  
Death - To stop sinning suddenly.
-  Elbert Hubbard
Never miss a good chance to shut up.  
-  Will Rogers