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Police officer chased himself
In a story that was shared with a monthly police magazine, a police...
U.S. justices play Shakespeare tragedy for laughs
By Lawrence Hurley ...
Korean man marries pillow
A LOVESTRUCK man has married his sweetheart at a special ceremony in Korea -...

Police officer chased himself

May 16th 2013

In a story that was shared with a monthly police magazine, a police officer in Sussex, England, ended up chasing himself around for 20 minutes. A CCTV (closed circuit TV) operator saw a suspicious man on the streets, and called a plainclothes officer for help. The operator gave directions to the areas where the suspicious man was caught on camera, and the officer always seemed to be close, but could not see any evidence of the man. That is, until they realized that the "suspicious character" was actually the plainclothes officer! The date of the misadventure has been lost in the retelling, as all police officers involved were too busy laughing!

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Gentlemans Kiss GN Vol. 01 (of 2)

Yakuza heir Homura Yasobe has a secret lover, the young businessman Touji Karasuma. A resourceful man who will do whatever it takes to succeed; Touji is in fact the noble son of the rival company competing with Homura. If anyone were to find out, it would...

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Garth Ennis Battlefields HC Vol. 03

Two riveting tales of war, as only bestselling graphic novelist Garth Ennis can deliver! In 'The Green Fields Beyond,' veteran Sergeant Stiles leads the Tankies on the killing fields of Korea during the Chinese spring offensive of 1951. It's...

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Pathfinder Path Legacy Fire #6 Final Wish

The heroes return to find that their sworn enemy, the efreeti prince Jhavhul, has inhabited the House of the Beast overlooking their home town from the heights of the woeful Pale Mountain. Their adopted village in ruins under the hateful watch of Jhavhul's...

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Cow Boy TPB Vol. 01 Boy And His Horse

What's to Love: Written by Nate Cosby (Jim Henson's The Storyteller, Pigs) and illustrated by Chris Eliopoulos (Hawkeye, Franklin Richards), the Eisner Awardnominated graphic novel about a 10yearold bounty hunter going after his lawbreaking relatives...

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G.I. Joe TPB Vol. 02 Threat Matrix

Please visit the Things From Another World website for product details. DEC130415E 978161377866151000 442710

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Honey Senior Darling Junior Vol. 1 GN

by Chifumi Ochi After a ceremony for their tennis club, a senior and a junior decide to take a spur-of-the-moment trip. When they reach their destination, however, they find that there is no vacancy-except in love hotels. With no other options, they act...

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Gronk Plush

Take home the friendliestmonster this side of the Dark Forest! Based on the lead character in fan favorite writer/artist Katie Cook's series, Gronk is 6 inches of pure adorableness, and is sure to delight your entire family... and maybe even your...

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Dont Blame Me GN Vol. 02 (of 2)

by Yugi Yamada Takasaki-sempai is Kujirai-sempai's half-brother! And they're making love anyway! Kaji and Nakamura are doubly shocked. Then, Nakamura begins to notice feelings growing for Kaji! The final volume of the bitter and sweet story of...

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Django Unchained TPB

The 7-issue comics adaptation of the Oscar-winning movie by Quentin Tarantino is now in trade paperback! Don't miss this blood-soaked tale of a bounty-hunting dentist and his partner Django, a recently freed slave, as they search the post-Civil War...

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An action-packed original adventure tying into the latest themes and toy sets of Ninjago. The second in an epic graphic novel series of new stories and action-packed adventures following the Masters of Spinjitzu. Features exclusive content that holds...

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Loveless TPB Vol. 02 Thicker Than Blackwater

In the epic story 'Thicker Than Blackwater.', Wes Cutter - a violent man looking for peace - becomes the new sheriff of Blackwater. And what better way to welcome him to the job than with a grisly murder? DEC060301D 9781401212506 9781401212506...

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