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Police officer chased himself
In a story that was shared with a monthly police magazine, a police...
U.S. justices play Shakespeare tragedy for laughs
By Lawrence Hurley ...
Korean man marries pillow
A LOVESTRUCK man has married his sweetheart at a special ceremony in Korea -...

Police officer chased himself

May 16th 2013

In a story that was shared with a monthly police magazine, a police officer in Sussex, England, ended up chasing himself around for 20 minutes. A CCTV (closed circuit TV) operator saw a suspicious man on the streets, and called a plainclothes officer for help. The operator gave directions to the areas where the suspicious man was caught on camera, and the officer always seemed to be close, but could not see any evidence of the man. That is, until they realized that the "suspicious character" was actually the plainclothes officer! The date of the misadventure has been lost in the retelling, as all police officers involved were too busy laughing!

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