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The Krypton Companion SC Non-Fiction

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The Krypton Companion unlocks the secrets of Superman's Silver and Bronze Ages the days when kryptonite came in multiple colors and super-pets scampered across the skies! Writer/editor Michael Eury explores the legacy of classic Superman editors Mort Weisinger and Julius Schwartz through all-new interviews with Neal Adams Murphy Anderson Nick Cardy Jos?? Luis Garc??a-L??pez Keith Giffen Elliot S! Maggin Dennis O'Neil Jim Shooter Len Wein Marv Wolfman and other fan-favorites!Plus: Super-artist Curt Swan's 1987 essay 'Drawing Superman'; Jerry Siegel's 'lost' imaginary story 'The Death of Clark Kent'; Mark Waid's tribute to Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes; Superman's appearances in the media and in Marvel Comics; and rare and previously unpublished artwork! Bonus: A roundtable discussion with modern-day creators (including John Byrne Jeph Loeb and Alex Ross) examining Superman's influential past! Plus: a (last-page) Introduction by Bizarro No. 1 (by Seinfeld writer David Mandel) and a super cover by Dave Gibbons! 1893905616 978189390561052000 232560 MAY063443

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